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The report’s case studies are examples of locations making tangible progress at driving down HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths, but they are not the only ones. This page features recent highlights from the field that offer insights on successful interventions.

Livia Albeck-Ripka, How Australia Could Almost Eradicate HIV Transmissions, New York Times, July 10, 2019.

It took universal health care, political will and a health campaign designed to terrify the public, but nearly four decades into the HIV crisis, Australian researchers say the country is on a path toward making transmissions of the virus vanishingly rare.

Emily Woodruff, New HIV Cases in Louisiana Hit Decade Low in 2018; Health Officials Hopeful for Epidemic’s End,, July 3, 2019.

Fewer than 1,000 people were diagnosed with HIV in 2018 in Louisiana – the lowest number of HIV cases in a decade for a state that ranked among the top 10 states for new diagnoses in 2017.

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